The Star City Murders

The Star City Murders

The Star City Murders

The Star City Murders

The Star City Murders

The Star City Murders (2024)


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A team of detectives try to track down a serial killer in this film noir esque thriller. The methods of this serial killer are baffling the team as the killer seems to be a step ahead at all times. The detectives will soon find out that these killings are not random and it maybe something connected to a secret from the past.



EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jeffrey "Chili" Mertz

Michael Stuart Ellis  /  Alva Barrett Ellis  /  David Anthony Ellis
Nick Simotas  /  Elaine Centazzo  /  Kenneth Centazzo
Andrew Hugger  /  Pat Oakes

Heath Centazzo  /  Jackie Alixander  /   Giles Andrews

MIND (In Development)

In a Pennsylvania small town, a man is about to be released from prison. The next chapter of his life is tested based on who picks him up on the day of his release. The film will explore 3 different scenarios: The man being picked up by his wife, his ex-con best friend and a stranger. These 3 different scenarios will set the fate for the final and 4th chapter.

GENRE: Drama

Production Start Date: TBD

WRITER: Heath Centazzo

DIRECTOR: Giles Andrews

PRODUCERS: Heath Centazzo  /  Jeffrey "Chili" Mertz  /  Michael Ellis

CE Pictures LLC was created by Heath Centazzo in 2019. The production company was established to produce live action Feature Films. The primary focus is to bring back the 1990’s style Indie films that strongly influenced Heath when he was in film school at Syracuse University (1993-1997). With influences from Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Steven Soderbergh and David Fincher, CE Pictures strives to deliver strong writing and character development.

Heath has been working professional in the film industry primarily as an actor. He’s appeared in many films, TV Shows, Theatre and commercials. Some of his credits include: Snowfall (FX), Game Shakers (Nickelodeon), Unusual Suspects (ID), and feature films “Buried”,” Alice in Chains: Black Antenna”, “Down and Dangerous” and “All American Bikini Car Wash”. He has also done many commercials for Labatt’s Blue Beer, Sim City and Texas Pete’s Sria-CHA!. He has also written and produced multiple short films and a web series.

In 2020, CE Pictures began production on their first feature film, “The Star City Murders”, with an additional four projects in the early stages of development. Heath’s passion for filmmaking drove him to start this production company. As the company grows, he looks forward to give creative people with the same drive the opportunity to create unique and quality art.